Product Care


- Kindly wash the bottle before using it for the first time.
- We recommend using soap and water to hand-wash the bottle.
- The sleeve is hand-wash only (We recommend using soap and warm water).
- Our bottles are NOT dishwasher-safe

Tips & Tricks

All BPA-free plastics may retain odors; below are some tips and tricks on how to keep your Hydrin odor-free without using any chemicals:
- Place a few drops of vanilla extract on some paper towels, then crumple the towels and place them in your jug with the lid secure. Allow sitting for 24 hours.
- Put damp coffee grounds inside the jug, secure the lid and allow to sit overnight.

- Remove the lid and fill with vinegar and baking soda. allow to sit overnight.


Do not fill the jug with warm or carbonated liquids. These could cause the seal to break or the lid to pop open and spray contents.

*Remember that improper use and cleaning can lead to a voided warranty.